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An Ingenious Love Letter

Le 21 juin 2017, 06:10 dans Humeurs 0

There once lived a lad who was deeply in love with a girl, but disliked by the girl's father, who didn't want to see any further development of their love. The lad was eager to write to the girl, yet he was quite sure that the father would read it first. So he wrote such a letter to the girl: 

 My love for you I once expressed 

no longer lasts, instead, my distaste for you 

is growing with each passing day. Next time I see you, 

I even won't like that look yours. 

I'll do nothing but 

look away from you. You can never expect I'll 

marry you. The last chat we had 

was so dull and dry that you shouldn't think it 

made me eager to see you again. 

If we get married, I firmly believe I'll 

live a hard life, I can never 

live happily with you, I'll devote myself 

but not 

to you. No one else is more 

harsh1 and selfish and least 

solicitous and considerate than you. 

I sincerely want to let you know 

what I said is true. Please do me a favor by 

ending our relations and refrain from 

writing me a reply. Your letter is always full of 

things which displease me. You have no 

sincere care for me. So long! Please believe 

I don't love you any longer. Don't think 

I still have a love of you!

 Having read the letter, the father felt relieved and gave it to his daughter with a light heart. 

 The girl also felt quite pleased after she read it carefully, her lad still had a deep love for her. 

 Do you know why? In fact, she felt very sad when she read the letter for the first time. But she read it for a few more times and , at last, she found the key – only every other line should be read, that is the first line, the third, the fifth … and so on to the end.


Jordan Brand built the Jordan 31 Low For Sale with the I in mind

Le 12 mai 2017, 06:51 dans Humeurs 0

For the New Jordans 2017, the conversation started when Michael called the sneaker design team to his annual summer basketball camp in Santa Barbara. He gave them an edict: Go back and look at the three decades of product that Jordan Brand had created. Then build off that history to create something fresh.To commemorate this legendary moment, Jordan Brand is thus launching a special “Flight Guy” collection for Summer 2017. Standouts from the project, the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan XX1, launch globally on April 1.The JB fam each had anywhere from four to eight XXXI colorways to choose from, making it an extremely memorable Jordan sneaker dr bk laser hk.
This Jordan 31 Low For Sale comes dressed in a White, Chrome and Pure Platinum color combination. As you can see, they feature predominate White while Flyknit across the base. In addition, suede is used which acts as a cage. Once again we have a full length Zoom Air unit while Chrome lands on the Nike Swoosh. Completing the look is a new circular traction on the outsole.With the Air Jordan XXXI, we celebrate the risks and rewards of Michael’s career and look forward to a future of continued innovation.The Michigan legislators have been slow to respond, offering little in the way of concrete progress towards remedying an issue that was created by them in the first place HIFU.
The Jordans 2018 Release Date represented that spirit that he brought to the basketball court by being so different,” adds Larry Miller, President Jordan Brand. “Michael kind of threw the rules out on how you were supposed to play the game. The shoe kind of threw the rules out on what a basketball shoe was supposed to be… People who weren’t even into basketball found out about the shoe and it became this catalyst for where we are today international travel jobs.



The Perfect Dog

Le 7 septembre 2016, 11:17 dans Humeurs 0

During summer vacations, I would volunteer at the vet's, so I'd seen a lot of dogs. Minnie was by far the funniest-looking dog I'd ever seen. Thin curly hair barely covered her sausage-shaped body. Her bugged-out eyes always seemed surprised. And her tail looked like a rat's tail event mangement.
She was brought to the vet to be put to sleep because her owners didn't want her anymore. I thought Minnie had a sweet personality, though. "No one should judge her by her looks," I thought. So the vet spayed her and gave her the necessary shots. Finally, I advertised Minnie in the local paper: "Funny-looking dog, well behaved, needs loving family."
When a young man called, I warned him that Minnie was strange looking. The boy on the phone told me that his grandfather's sixteen-year-old dog had just died. They wanted Minnie no matter what. I gave Minnie a good bath and fluffed up what was left of her scraggly hair Online Reputation Management. Then we waited for them to arrive.
At last, an old car drove up in front of the vet's. Two kids raced to the door. They scooped Minnie into their arms and rushed her out to their grandfather, who was waiting in the car. I hurried behind them to see his reaction to Minnie.
Inside the car, the grandfather cradled Minnie in his arms and stroked her soft hair. She licked his face. Her rattail wagged around so quickly that it looked like it might fly off her body. It was love at first lick.
"She's perfect!" the old man exclaimed.
I was thankful that Minnie had found the good home that she deserved.
That's when I saw that the grandfather's eyes were a milky white color - he was blind school finder.

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